Commercial Director at Classic Alpaca

Chris McCue owns and operates Classic Alpaca, a vibrant Alpaca clothing and accessory business with facilities in the United States and Peru. Classic Alpaca products include distinctive Peruvian chullos, best selling fingerless gloves, the alpaca design hats, ruanas of classic beauty, sweaters and a wide range of other garments.

If you have been to many alpaca shows, you have probably met Chris McCue. With an open personality and a real knack for customer service. He is the laid back, guileless guy with shelves of alpaca items you are dying to have. He has been around since the beggining of alpaca adventure in the United States.

Chris and Carla, his wife, are respected members of the community. His open, flexible nature and ability to sense others need serve him well. His goal today is to build a lasting legacy for Carla and their Children: Mariella and Sesher. To give back to some people who have helped them achieve their success.

Chris McCue
Chris McCue